Conductive Capital is a renewable energy investment and development platform, specializing in the deployment of long-duration, tax-efficient capital. The Founders, David Munsky, Mike Cocchimiglio and David Velasco opened the Company’s doors in 2016, after working together in the solar industry for over a decade.

Conductive Capital leverages its founders’ collective expertise in renewable energy engineering, development, finance, operations, and asset management and a large network of top industry partners to support developers in their final-stage: completing and selling projects with a long-term asset management plan.  

Conductive Capital is seeking quality distributed renewable energy projects in which to deploy capital and support in late-stage development. The Company will invest in projects it can majority own and operate long-term throughout North America. Ideal investments will range from $1-10mm in projects 500 kW – 20 MW in size; portfolios are welcomed.

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